Thursday, 17 May 2012


You loved me a lot, didn't you?
Then what went wrong?
They poked me with infected needles, Drew,
I can't get outta this mess now.
I'm not sure who told you,
but its not what you've assumed.
I would never  fall for another man
when our love had already bloomed.
I have no one by my side now,
Mommy has disowned me,
My cousins keep their kids away,
scared that it might hit them, maybe.
I need you to hold my hand,
tell me all's gonna be alright.
I promise it won't come to you,
After all, this is just a 'One Man's Fight'.
I'm pale from all the medicines
I'm tired of crying all day,
Please come back to me
I have so many things to say.
I got fired from work last night,
they said I needed rest.
Why is everyone so afraid of me?
I feel like a leper put to test.
I won't be here too long,
you don't have to worry.
I just need some love to get going,
'cause right now everything seems so blurry.
Hey, if you can't help out this time then I totally understand.
Just ask HIM to take be back sooner,
back to the higher land..

I'd fall for you

 It's the feeling in my tummy that I cannot explain,
One thought lights up the neurons in my brain
They call it love, but I don't know if it's true
Some say it is enchanting, others consider it heart breaking too.
Oh, tell me is this infatuation?
I can't see anyone in a crowd but you!
I swear if Free falling was LOVE
I'd fall for you. 

I'm fallin'

Cherry blossoms and beatles,
The sky is blue as ever,
Me and my little pink frock
Soaked by dew.
Gingerale and a notebook,
I scribble my thoughts down
I have 'love' on my mind,
'Love' to give to you
I gaze into those deep blue eyes
And I know what I want,
Your smile makes me blush cuz
This feeling's kinda new.
You strum the guitar and hum sweet melodies,
uve got me going crazy.
I sit back against a tree
And think what's keeping me away from you! 
As the wind gently whispers in my ears,
And the dandelions seem to tickle my feet
I get back into that dreamy land
And enjoy what I've fallen into!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Life as an 'X'

Life as an 'X' is so lame,
being replaced all the time; such a shame,
It's like no one wants you,there is always something better,
You are compared to other numbers, symbols and letters.
When someone is gone, people remember you
and when that someone is back they abandon you.
You are popular in the wrong ways,
Famous for what you're not.
You never unfold your own self,
never flaunt you've really got!
When you are not pretending to be someone else,
you become someone's Ex.
You are condemned by your lover's buddies
It's like you add to all their worries.
So 'X' get a life ,
Be yourself and end your strife!